LED Module

OEM/ODM for LED Module

Light up with LED Light Modules(LED module manufacturer)

If you never heard about LED Modules, then you must don’t know what you’ve missed!

With higher efficiency, lighting technology, longer service life, small size, low power consumption and appearance beautification, LED Modules can change the light system through different construction design. We use the software of optical system design (e.g. Draft Slight, Solid Work, Circuit Board and Lucid shape) with several times of shape optimization to get the idea LED Module.And critical developing process is:
  • Secondary optical design: Optical tracking analysis.
  • Parts of heat dissipation: circuit design, heat flow simulation analysis, antipyretic test analysis.
  • Lighting color temperature design.

Professional OEM/ODM for LED Module

FORTOP could execute the Mechanism design and Optical simulation according to vehicle structure and/or clients’ drawing and/or samples to ensure Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module meets clients’ requirement and comply with international standard.

Our Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module R&D team is composed of mechanism design, photoelectric design and mold design. It can carry out mechanism design, optical simulation, injection molding, and develop Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module that comply with ECE/SAE regulations.
The FORTOP R&D team has always focused on Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module technology. With 30 years of experience in the production of Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module, FORTOP is committed to producing high-quality Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module products that meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers and first-tier companies, and provide our customers with efficient Automotive LED module and Motorcycle LED module services.

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Product Characteristics of LED Module

Our team offers professional production for LED lighting system of cars. We offer solutions for customers based on their needs. From the construction, optical system and mechanism confirmation, we make sure every customized product can meet customers’ demand and pass regulations.
We help customers to use LED Modules on different lighting form, including LED bulb holder, car lamps, LED projector lamp, LED side marker, LED turn indicator etc. We are here offering professional customized service and the most satisfied product for customers.   

Research facility-assistant tool

  • Image Measuring Instrument
  • DSM scope
  • Programmable DC power supply
  • Stepper motor tester
  • Goniophotometer

  • 2D:DraftSight
  • 3D:SolidWorks
  • Circuit Board:Pretal
  • Lucidshape

  • Optical design techniques
  •  Car lamp exploded view
  •  Optical design
  •  Optical design
  • PCB(Printed circuit board)
  • Goniophotometer

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Design & Capabilities
FORTOP always dedicated on enhancing R&D and manufacturing capabilities. We have four technical departments, including wiring harness design and BOM evaluation , trial run and mass production feasibility department, mold forming R&D unit and automotive lighting optical and mechanism unit.

With rigorous product development process and well experienced teams,keeping good communication with customers, getting firsthand information and well organized project management to complete the project in time.
We provide customers with the highest quality services and the most competitive products.
  • Evaluation
  • Design Around
  • BOM
  • Drawing
  • Sampling
  • Testing ( Reliability Test )
  • FDPR & Process audit
Mass Production
  • Probationary
  • Start of Production
16 million wiring harness sold annually ,75 circles around the Earth.
16 million wiring harness sold annually ,75 circles around the Earth.
Wiring harness assembly
Reliability testing
Over-molding design and injection
Services 6 continents customers and 5 major car makers
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
30 years experience in design and manufacturing
Passed certification of IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
Nominated supplier by global automotive tier 1 manufacturer
Participate in international exhibitions periodically