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Wiring of the electric ATV

A 7.5 kWh electric All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) move into FORTOP's factory production line.

The FORTOP engineering team is currently arranging the layout and measuring the length and installation positions of the harnesses for the ATV.  This is being done to ensure that the customized ATV harnesses meet regulatory standards and customer requirements.

Electric Vehicles Wiring Harness
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Visitor Registration Form for Monthly Factory Visits to FORTOP, an Electric Vehicle Harness Manufacturer.
FORTOP, an Electric Vehicle Harness Manufacturer, has 3 production plants, and was established in 1994 and has been in operation for nearly three decades.
A Electric Vehicle Manufacturer from the United States came to Taiwan to learn more about FORTOP's manufacturing process and equipment for Electric Vehicle harness and ADAS system harness.

Electric Vehicles Wiring Harness
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FORTOP's deer mascot represents the automotive wiring|BIGGEST wire harness manufacturers

FORTOP-biggest wire harness manufacturers

Formosan Sika Deer is a mascot character that embodies the values of "honesty, fortitude, innovation and service", symbolizing FORTOP's commitment to continuous technical improvement, creation and development.


The deer's agility is metaphorical for efficiency and the antlers are made of numerous vehicle connectors which representing vehicle wiring harness, and wish FORTOP thrive in the global automotive parts industry, as if the antlers extend outward powerfully.

biggest wire harness manufacturers
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2022 Happy Tiger Year
Our blessings start from professional manufacturing process, using optical analysis to produce LED lights, lighting up the way of your safety.

Most of our product series are customized, please feel free to contact us if you can not find similar product on our website.
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The IATF has approved a global extension to all currently issued and valid IATF 16949 certificates to prevent the automatic expiration of certificates if a recertification audit could not be conducted due to reasons directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although all certificate expiration dates were extended 6 months in the IATF database, that does not mean that all recertification audits are automatically extended 6 months.
With this major change in direction, the IATF requires that audits due from 1 January 2021 forward be conducted onsite or remotely and the certification body can no longer apply the conditions and waivers described in the previous revisions of this document. Special conditions apply if the organisation is not operating or is not manufacturing automotive products when the audit is due. The extension of six (6) months (i.e. 183 calendar days) to every currently issued and valid certificate (including those certificates that are currently in the status of suspension) will be reflected in the Global IATF Database and subsequently visible in the IATF Certificate Validity Check: LINK
In this extraordinary situation the IATF-recognized certification bodies are not required to reissue the certificates immediately. This document together with automated updates to the IATF Database and the IATF Certificate Validity Check are providing the evidence that the certificate is valid beyond the documented expiration date printed on the certificate.
If the IATF-recognized certification body is required to update the certificate due to any changes, the revised expiration date shall be updated accordingly and the certificate shall be uploaded in the IATF Database.
If a certified organization needs an updated IATF 16949 certificate, please contact your relevant IATF-recognized certification body.
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