The importance of getting the quality certification?

IATF is really important in car industry,  IATF improves continuously to reduse the waste.

We can believe that the enterprises conform to IATF 16949 are putting effort on their products to reach the highest quality.

What does unified service from FORTOP mean?

Based on needs from customers, we develop, design, produce and deliver. Shorten the time for customers looking for parts and certain factory. 

Who is your primary customer?

We only offer AM and OEM service, we don't work in retail.

What information should we offer to get the quotation?

Due to the difference from any customized product and to increase working efficiency, please prepare the documents below and contact us through our website or mail to sales@fortop.com.tw

01.Products design drawing

02.Sample and fuction details

03.Required quantity, product life span and use

04.Expected date of delivery 

Do you offer small volume purchase?

According to different products, the minus volume would be different.

What is your primary product?

Auto wiring harness(Auto wire harness), Auto lighting system, components(Automotive Connector) and customized product.

Do you help making sample?

Yes, we do customized design and production based on the drawing and conditions from customers, offering complete sample making service. 

What is a wiring harness?

A wiring harness is the organisation of a set of wires and connectors. The harness binds the wiring together, often by nylon or copper braiding, moulded plastic, rubber or vinyl. The harness allows for the smooth transmission of power and electrical signals through a piece of equipment or vehicle.

Can you design a wiring harness without seeing the unit?

Yes, provided you have a computer-assisted design (CAD) drawing of the wiring system you require.