Research & Developments

Design Around

FORTOP not only has 30 years experiences in designing wiring harness but create a database of materials.

Based on IPC/WHMA-A-620A standard, FORTOP offers the most applicable connector, terminals and wiring harness designs for clients. Besides regular products, FORTOP provides the customized components for wiring harness.

FORTOP is committed to supporting all clients to set apart from competition by flexible products and competitive pricing.

  • We research and develop continuously, and introduce the production technology to achieve the best quality.
  • We strive for excellent quality both in our current and new developed products.

Professional Process

We offer:
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
    With the experience in auto lighting system, FORTOP could provide a complete solution during the initial development process.
  • Value Analysisi & Value Eegineering (VA/VE)
    VA/VE is a function to improve the value of products, which can create the best benefit for clients.
  • Produce according to clients' drawing and/or specifications (OEM/AM)
    FORTOP evaluate the specification and conduct durability test and electrical tests strictly based on clients' drawing and/or specifications to ensure the product comply with the safety and quality standard.
  • Product Planning

  • Outlook Design

  • Prototype Design

  • Test Sample & 3D Printing

Line Distribution
Line Distribution

Development Process

Evaluation Stage
  • Evaluation
  • Design Around
  • BOM
Development Stage
  • Drawing
  • Sampling
Validation Stage
  • Testing
  • FDPR & Process audit
Mass Production Stage
  • Probationary
  • Start of Production


Circuit Board:Preta
Circuit Board:Pretal

Research facility-assistant tool

Image Measuring Instrument
Image Measuring Instrument
DSM scope
DSM Scope
Programmable DC power supply
Programmable DC Power Supply
Stepper motor tester
Stepper Motor Tester