Internationalization and Globalization.
To strengthen the intelligence, the technique and the production.
To meet the market demand and pay attention to the environmental safety.
To keep enhancing the enterprise competitiveness and to achieve the expectation of high quality, low cost and short delivery.
Enterprise Culture
Offer excellent products & service to be the World's leading brand.
The whole society can enjoy a happy life and have a healthy and happy life.
Integrity/ Dependableness / Innovation / Service

Since our inception in May 1994, FORTOP Industrial Co., Ltd. specialized in Auto Wiring Harness and Auto Lighting System.
With our 30 years of experience in OEM and ODM, FORTOP become the official suppliers for car manufacturers and Tier-1 companies, offering high quality and customized service.

FORTOP sticks to the quality principles: DO NOT produce defective product, DO NOT accept defective product, NO defective product outflow.
With our business strategies: Obsessed with quality, Dedicated to serve our customers and Technological advantage we continue offering the best service and product we can.

  • We have Mold design and development capability.
  • With completely inspection facilities and strict QC managements to offer qualified products.
  • Three own factories to offer sufficient components supply chain.

Management Policy

  • Internationalization and Globalization.
  • Strengthen the intelligence, the technique and the production.
  • Meet the market demand and value the environment security.
  • Keep enhancing the enterprise competitiveness to achieve the expectation of high quality, low cost and short delivery.
Ho Shun factory I
FORTOP Headquarter /
Ho Shun factory I
  • 7900 m2
  • Tel : +886-6-3558089
  • Fax : +886-6-3566166
  • No.8, Sec. 2, Antong Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City 709, Taiwan
Ho Shun factory II
Ho Shun factory II
  • 8900 m2
  • Tel : +886-6-3558089
  • Fax : +886-6-3566166
  • No.81,83, Yong An Road, Tainan City. Taiwan
Ho Shun factory III
Ho Shun factory III
  • 5700 m2
  • TEL : +886-6-3558192
  • FAX : +886-6-3558193
  • ADD : No. 106, Gongming S. 2nd Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City 709 , Taiwan

Market Distribution

Services six continents customer and ten major car manufacturers.

Company Structure